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I cannot thank you enough from the bottom of our hearts what it has meant finding our Australian cousin! As you know she has just finished her 5 1/2 week visit with us in Canada and she fit in just like she had always been there. From Scotland to Australia to Canada, you have been that integral link that we needed to find each other! Such a blessing you are! Most sincerely, MG and from the rest of our family in British Columbia, Alberta & Saskatchewan Canada

Great thanks. The file arrived today and it's fantastic! So exciting, reading all about our family members. You've done a super job and we're so grateful. The chart arrived safely today. My mum is over the moon with the file you prepared for her and says it’s the best present she's ever had ...and she's had a few nice presents over the years so that takes some beating! ( LC  - March 2014 )

My Mum was over the moon with your research. She can't put the folder down and is also putting other family stories together. 
Many thanks for your help...

The file and the chart arrived yesterday, H. is absolutely delighted.    Thanks again for all your hard work, and, despite your other commitments, getting the job done so quickly.  Best wishes, Dr TJD MB, ChB, MRCPsych

The file and chart arrived and we are absolutely thrilled with them. I can't believe how much information you have included. One of our ancestors got married in Bishop's Stortford where we live and some were even in Bishop's Stortford workhouse! We had no idea that anybody in our family had lived round here.  Thanks again for all your hard work and getting them here in time for the birthday ....

I can't thank you enough for the fantastic family tree printout you sent. I was thrilled to bits with it, and have shown it to lots of family and friends who were all very impressed too. Then my brother picked up the documents... absolutely fantastic! It s a family heirloom and so beautifully set out. I can t wait to show it to other members of the family. I m sure it will draw us all closer together. Dec 2013
Just to let you know that I received the file in yesterday’s post.  I am thrilled with it .To go back to great grandparents was more than I hoped for.  And then the extra about EJJ, finding out she married in Pakistan. Thank you for going the extra miles in search of gravesites, I really appreciate it. Also thanks to you for finding mum’s other family, about which came as a surprise. I will certainly recommend you to anyone who is having trouble finding a missing link in their family: in fact being in touch with you in our search made you feel like family!    

Doing business at any distance can be tricky. Doing business at 12,000 miles distance can sometimes be stressful to the extreme. However, as you have shown, stress need not necessarily be part of the deal. Having decided to have my paternal family history researched, from the very first I realised that I was in good hands with Gower Ancestry. Not only did you show me that you knew what you were doing, you also created an atmosphere of rapport that demonstrated that you actually cared about what you were doing.
Writing soon after delivery to the door of The File, I was astounded by the size and weight of it, and by the depth of detail it contained. When I asked you to research my side of the Price family, I really did not have any idea of what was to be the result of that research, nor the thoroughness of it. Merely to say I congratulate you is to deny you full credit for all you have done. I must add, I was also delighted with the Direct Ancestry chart that was prepared, which arrived separately. It has been and still is an interesting journey, looking over the many relatives and my kinsmen and kinswomen, one of the kinsmen going back as far as 1570, who have played a part in my personal history. Not the least interesting, I may add, has been to see how many artisans - bricklayers and stone-masons - there are; as well, the fact that almost without exception, the exception being the Irish and Maltese input, the family's roots are in Gloucestershire. I had no idea of that. One truly lives and learns! As you know, I was already aware of the Irish and Maltese connexion, but to see it all laid out in the chart has made their contribution all the clearer.
My final surprise, and pleasure, was to see the listing of all those kinsmen and kinswomen - nearly 200 of them! - over more than 400 years. Such a list makes one all the more aware of the work you have put into this compilation. It really is quite astonishing.
Although there may be few of my acquaintance here in Australia who may wish to have a similar search made for their ancestors, please be sure I shall take every opportunity of recommending to them, and to others, Gower Ancestry as the researchers par excellence. With every good wish, very sincerely yours  MSP Nov 2009

I write to acknowledge arrival of your research into my family background, and also to congratulate you on its quality.You have produced a fine piece of work with the main points clearly stressed, but with a mass of supporting and very interesting detail: this in its turn has raised further questions and your help in answering these is much appreciated. The presentation is highly professional and the photographs are a delightful addition. I know from my own experience how frustrating research can be, and your regular updates and the very personal interest you took in the work were most welcome.  With warm regards, Yours sincerely Mr JC Phd Msc FRICS FAAV  East Sussex

 "Excellent research into my family history, your regular updates kept me well informed.The family book was well set out and easy to follow with many extras e.g. newspaper cuttings. I would happily recommend your work to anyone with an interest in their family history.  Many thanks   Mr JG - South Wales 

We would like to thank you very much for all your hard work. There is a lot of interesting information and beautifully presented.   Dr E. BSc (Hons), MB BS, MRCP-

Hi Susan,
Received the pack today. Loads of interest in file. There is a queue of relatives and friends waiting with baited breath to see it. There is a lot of information to take in. the more I look at it the more I am beginning to understand it. I will recommend you to everyone with a row of gold stars and a platinum trophy. Thank you so much for helping me to make this a special birthday for my dad and my lovely daughters. KS Northumberland

Contact : enquiries@gowerancestry.com 

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